Ear Candling $80             Cupping $65

Reiki Sessions & Classes

Reiki Sessions

We offer all 3 levels of Reiki sessions.  Treatments are given in a peaceful, private room while you remain fully clothed on a cozy massage table.

Level I  30min $50 | 60min $80

Level II 30min $60 | 60min $90

Master/Teacher Level  30min $70 | 50 min $100

Reiki Classes

Level I

Hands on healing for oneself and others

The first degree is a basic introduction to Reiki, including the all-important four “attunements” which enable the student to channel Reiki energy for eh rest of his or her life.  This class includes history, philosophy, detailed information, as well as, hands on demonstration & practice for hand positions for healing the self and others.  Private $175 | Group $150     Prerequisite for Level II

Level II

Distance healing past, present & future.

Includes three of the five Reiki symbols.

The second degree is an advanced level of study, where the student is taught how to intensify the flow of energy.  At this advanced level, Reiki works faster and at deeper levels.  In addition to receiving two more powerful attunements, the student learns how to transmit this healing energy over any distance & time, penetrating the time & space barrier, how to work with the subconscious mind to help eliminate unwanted habits, emotional challenges, and enhance talents.  It will also teach how Reiki can be applied to ideas and situations, help heal the past and send Reiki to the future.  Reiki, at this level, is a superb tool for getting at the root of one’s mental, spiritual, emotional or physical disorder.         Private $300 | Group $275     Prerequisite for Master levels.


What is Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy ~ the energy found throughout the universe.

Reiki is the transferring of this energy through the Reiki practitioner to the recipient.  This recipient could be a person, pet, plant.. even an inanimate object, thought or event.

As we all know, stress is the main cause of illness & disease. This non-invasive, non-manipulative Reiki energy relieves stress & tension. It helps manage, reduce or eliminate pain. Reiki speeds up the recovery from surgery & can increase the effectiveness of modern medical treatments. Reiki rebalances the body physically, spiritually & emotionally, finding where energy is needed most & transferring it there.

Reiki is used successfully in all types of healing; physical, emotional and spiritual.

What can Reiki do?

  • Relieve stress
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lower rapid heart or respiration rates
  • Reduces pain
  • Help insomnia
  • Calm anxiety
  • Recharge a battery
  • Help a plant grow
  • Help overcome emotional issues or trama
  • Clarify life purpose
  • Help reduce the need for medication..

…and much much much more.  If what you need isn’t on the list, don’t worry, it can help!