We proudly use Yon-Ka* in our facial services.  This amazing skincare line has a 60 year history using the power of phyto-aromatherapy to provide safe, natural & powerful results for your skin.  Our spa professionals will conduct a consultation regarding your skin care concerns, make a recommendation about what service will best serve you & provide you with a treatment plan to maximize your results.  All facials below include massage, steam and extractions (if needed) & are suitable for all skin types**.

And now introducing....


Newly designed FSD Packages:

$375 for 5 single treatments (1 time per week)                          Full Facial: $175 70min                               Single Treatment: $85 30min 

Aromatherapy Facial: One of the most elaborate, complete facials.  Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin & a radiant complexion. Customized & recommended at any age, it centers on Yon-Ka’s exclusive deep cleansing regimen: 5 successive steps carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the Quintessence* essential oils, the pure glow of the epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.  This is a cornerstone facial to indulge in one a month for the following results: Purified skin, toned complexion, optimum relaxation.                 70 mins $105   Click here to purchase

Anti-Aging Facial:  This facial targets fine lines & deep wrinkles to smooth & restructure skin for instantly younger results.  We use a dual skin mask consisting of an elixir & compress to reveal a radiant complexion & hydrated skin with improved nutrition.  This highly nourishing facial provides the following results: Intense skin repair, anti-wrinkle, nourishing with a fresh, bright complexion.                                                 We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. 

70 mins $150  Click here to purchase

Deep Firming  Facial: Acting as a “personal trainer” for the skin, this facial stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process, optimizes firmness, reduces fine lines & wrinkles while intensifying glow.  We use extracts of hibiscus, lupine peptides, marine collagen & hyaluronic acid to reinforce the structure of the epidermis.  Co-enzyme Q10 protects your skin cells from free radical attacks.  This lifting & firming facial provides the following results: Better facial definition, improved skin tone.  We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. 

70 mins $120  Click here to purchase

Deep Hydration Facial:  This high-performance facial will quickly help to restore the balance, softness & suppleness of your skin with seaweed & fruit extracts.  Treatment includes 2 refreshing masks, facial massage & aromatic mist followed by an application of our Yon-Ka repairing, hydration-reactivating duo.  Additionally, a soft gel peel with citrus extracts on the hands is included to simultaneously hydrate & exfoliate. This hydrating facial is effective year-round with the following results: Deep hydration, calms & soothes discomfort from dehydrated skin, improves skin tone.  We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. 

70 mins $120  Click here to purchase

Excellence Code Facial:   Our brand new facial features Yon-Ka's new Age Exception product line for mature skin.  Age Exception uses new, patented technology to address every layer of skin by increasing cellular energy, preventing glycation, and improving microcirculation with 94% of ingredients of natural origin.  Using high-performance biocellulose technology, the Excellence Code facial includes Masque Cell-Energy, combined with anti-aging facial massage techniques to provide the following results: improved skin comfort and nutrition, decreased depth of wrinkles (-25%), increased skin radiance (+50%), a lift effect (+100%) and redefined facial contour (+33%).  We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results.

70min $190    Click here to purchase

Skin Resurfacing Facial:  Bring out the natural glow of your skin with the rejuvenating, intensely hydrating action of controlled Alpha & Beta Hydroxy fruit acids.  The epidermis is gently regenerated & cellular renewal is intensified, leading to a cleared complexion & reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.  The perfect facial to get the following results: improved absorption of skin care products, rebalanced skin & receive anti-aging or anti-acne results.   We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. 

70 mins $120  Click here to reserve

Clear Skin Facial:  Dramatically lessen the appearance of acne with this very customized service.  Our professionals will begin with our Aromatherapy facial, and add a customized blend of Yon-Ka products, rich in essential oils & healing arnica, chamomile and calendula extracts. The goal is to purify your skin to control oil & bacteria while decreasing the appearance of visible redness and blemishes. If needed, more extensive extractions are provided.  Get the following results: Rebalanced skin, reduced visible redness and blemishes, soothes and purifies skin.  We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. 

70 mins $120  Click here to purchase

Teen Facial:  Get your teen started on the path toward healthy skin care with our teen facial.  This abbreviated version of our Clear Skin Facial is non-aggressive, very effective for balancing, purifying & clarifying teen skin while providing oil & blemish control. *16 and under.

50 mins $70  

*Yon-Ka is a pioneer in the realm of photo-aromatic treatments & uses plant essential oils full of active ingredients – vitamins, fruit acids, polyphenols, peptides – that create synergy to act with precision, kindness and effectiveness for the specific needs of the most demanding skin types.


**Your spa professional may recommend one of the following enhancements to your service.  

All provide added benefits with no chemicals, no down time & stimulate production of collagen and new cells for improved skin tone:

  • FSD Photo Facial:  Reverses signs of aging, smooths & evens skin tone ($85)
  • Microdermabrasion:  Decreases signs of aging & acne scars; removes dull, dry skin; increases absorption of skin care products ($50)
  • Customized Masks or Peels ($20-40)


Tinting: Choose from 7 semi-permanent vegetable-based color options to enhance your eyes

  • Lashes: $35
  • Brows: $20
  • Combo lash & brow: $45
  • Lash Lift Lash Perm $120 
  • Lash Lift Lash Perm with Lash Tinting $150