Skin Care Experts - Estheticians 

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Lauri - Esthetician

After spending many years as a sun-worshipper, Lauri became obsessed with learning everything she could about skin care. As she was researching to improve her own skin, her young daughter developed terrible cystic acne. Together, they had visited many spas to search for ways to reestablish the health and balance of their complexions, but became quite frustrated with the lack of results.  This inspired Lauri to make a career change, and so, she resigned from her job and enrolled full time at the Bucks County School of Beauty and Professional School of Massage. After graduating, her main mission was to educate others on how to take better care of their skin. Lauri enjoys being an esthetician, and is very proud that she is able to deliver a relaxing spa experience that also addresses the unique skin care needs of each client.

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Sherry - Esthetician

Sherry was introduced to the beauty industry years ago when her friend opened up a spa and needed some help. After a couple of months in, she fell in love with the day-to-day operations of the business and decided to go to school to become a licensed aesthetician. While attending the Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, Sherry discovered that giving facials was her favorite part of the curriculum. Whether focusing on acne or fine lines and wrinkles, she became very passionate about skincare and how to improve the health of someone’s complexion by customizing the correct treatment. Once Sherry graduated from school and began working in a treatment room, she also found out that she had a natural talent for waxing—especially Brazilian bikini waxing. From head to toe, Sherry is ready to get your complexion into tip-top shape. 


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Massage Therapists

Marko - Massage Therapist

Marko is a graduate of the Djuro Salaj Academy in Belgrade and the Steiner Education Program in London. He was also a student of Predrag Pedja Filipovic, an originator and lecturer of massage in East Europe. He studied an array of massage therapies and presently specializes in Sports Massage, Reflexology and Reiki healing. His goal is to help his clients reestablish health and balance via the “art & science of touch”.

What are clients saying about Marko? “Marko is a wonderful Massage Therapist!  Really, he is remarkable and highly professional.  I recommend him to all ofmy friends.”    ~Audrey

“I considered postponing scheduling a Massage treatment because no female therapist were available – I am SO happy I didn’t.  I felt so relaxed and comfortable with Marko – I didn’t even think of gender while receiving my massage.”   ~Nicole

“Marko is extremely professional.  I also appreciate that he really takes his time to listen to my concerns and make sure I am comfortable during my Maternity Massages.”   ~Tanika


In her previous life, Kati worked both in retail and in office management.  During that time she was involved in a major car accident leaving her back permanently damaged.  Even with surgery, she lost significant muscle mass and nerve sensation down one leg.  After spending years learning to rehabilitate her leg, back and overall health, she found her passion for helping others who also struggle with pain issues and injuries.  Her career in massage began in 2013 and since she has focused her practice on medical massage and other therapeutic modalities.  Kati’s goal is to help each client make progress on their unique wellness journey.


Laura is a licensed massage therapist and Usui Reiki master who is truly passionate about integrative holistic living!  She is very happy to join The Face and Body Spa and excited to bring her individual style and experiences to the team and community. With over 900 hours of education in the therapeutic arts and sciences, Laura has been practicing and studying massage and bodywork for over seventeen years.  She is a graduate of the Philadelphia Massage Therapy program and holds a BA from Temple University.

Individual treatment planning is used to customize each session while addressing the entire being of every client, and this is the cornerstone of her professional approach to bodywork.  Her sessions combine Eastern modalities such as acupressure, meridian massage, reflexology, Thai massage and Reiki with Western inspired therapeutic bodywork techniques such as advanced myofascial techniques, traditional Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and neuromuscular therapy.

Born into a long lineage of gardeners and horticulturists, Laura holds a deep respect and reverence for the plant and mineral kingdom. She holds several certifications in aromatherapy and is an enthusiastic advocate of aromatic plant-based medicine.  She loves educating people about the healing attributes of aromatherapy and often incorporates custom essential oil and flower essence blends into her healing sessions.

Laura is currently working towards an advanced myofascial techniques certification and believes this work is some of the most comprehensive and effective that she has learned thus far. She currently holds certifications in head, neck, and jaw advanced myofascial techniques and has completed intensive training in releasing fascial restrictions for headaches and migraines.

Her massage sessions are truly a unique experience and she is absolutely delighted to serve you on your incredible journey!  Please feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to see if her services could benefit you. 

MonNique- MASSAGE THERAPIST | Reiki Master Teacher

After a decade of working in Business and MGMT, Monnique realized she wanted to work with people on a different level.  To be more connected energetically and to help them. To bring more kindness and compassion into her everyday as well as those around her.  When she started to look back at her life and when she experienced those feeling the most, it was when she was a teenager. She was in a terrible car accident that left her sick and broken. She felt stuck because the pain and loss of mobility in her neck. Monnique began practicing yoga, it helped her regain her strength, flexibility and had lasting results in managing her pain.  Little did she know it would also introduce a new way to center herself and clam her nervous system.

So when she decided to go back to school, she found herself drawn to corrective modalities and fascinated by the study of anatomy! All of these things came together when Monnique took her first Thai massage course, It was the stretching she was familiar with from yoga, the comfort and compassion of touch and the intention of helpfulness and healing for another. She focused her studies primarily on eastern modalities, Thai massage (assisted yoga), Acupressure/Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reiki, as well as Nero Muscular, Deep tissue, PNF stretching, and Kinesiology (to better understand movement and how our environment and body ergonomics effect us on a daily basis).

Monnique loves being a massage therapist because she really love people, all people and her desire is for everyone to feel good!

Nail Technicians

Fran - Nail Technician

Fran decided to go to beauty school since she completely enjoyed the whole experience of having her nails done. From the atmosphere to the creation of beautiful tips and toes, she was ready to enter the world of “Spa” as a nail therapist. After attending The Bucks County School of Beauty Culture, Fran was dedicated to always offer outstanding services that would keep her clients coming back for more. Besides giving an amazing massage during her nail services, she is quite passionate about gel manicures and other contemporary services.

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Laura - Nail Technician

While attending high school, Laura was obsessed with hair and makeup. She was always giving her friends makeovers. So when she graduated, Laura decided to enroll at Empire Beauty School where she completed her cosmetology license. Upon working at her first salon, she became completely booked doing nail services. So, this therapy became her main focus. Laura’s specialty is pedicure treatments because she knows that a good pedicure can make anyone feel like a million bucks!



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Management Team


Jessica’s passion for skin care began at an early age when she use to mix-up creams and apply them to her grandma’s complexion. As she got older and had issues with her own skin, she began looking into what skin care products and treatments would work best to reestablish the health and balance of her skin. She soon realized it was something that she was very interested in pursuing as a career. After high school, she attended the Bucks County School of Beauty Culture so she could develop her passion for this ever-growing industry. During her studies, Jessica learned how to take better care of her skin while helping others do the same.

Brittany - Coordinator | Cosmetologist

Brittany - Coordinator | Cosmetologist

Jaime - Coordinator | Esthetician 

Jaime - Coordinator | Esthetician 

Support Team

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Heather - Founder | Life Enrichment Coach | Reiki Master Teacher | Passion Test Facilitator | Success Principles Coach | EMotion Code Practitioner | SOund Therapist | 500 hr. cert. yoga instructor | Certified Crystal Healer | Intuitive Card Reader | Akashic Record Reader

When Heather began her career in the wellness industry, in 1993, it came as second nature to assist people in finding a healthier way to think, live and care for themselves.  

Heather's eclectic coaching and workshop style infuses The Secret, Reiki, EFT | Tapping, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences and is inspired by her work with John Assaraf,  Sheevaun Moran, certifications from Jack Canfield, The Secret To Life Coaching, Byron Katie | The Work, Janet Attwood founder of The Passion Test, Joe Vitale, Doreen Virtue and Brad Nelson, founder of Emotion & Body Code.


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